7 Reasons Your Pet Should Get a Wellness Exam

One of the most significant responsibilities of a pet owner is ensuring your furry friend is safe and healthy. They are always part of the family, and ensuring their well-being is rewarding. Wellness exams are an integral part of doing so.


Stay Updated

A wellness exam entails your veterinarian asking you a series of questions. They will want to know about your pet’s bowel movement, urination, weight, respiratory health, and eating and drinking habits. The answers to these questions will help them narrow down to specific problems to examine. Wellness exams help you stay updated about the health and well-being of your pet.

Your veterinarian at Vistancia Animal Hospital can detect changes in progress from previous wellness exams. It will help them know whether your pet shows improvement or deterioration.


Prevention of Parasites 

A pet wellness exam helps protect your pet from heartworm disease, ticks, fleas, and intestinal parasites. Ailments like heartworm disease require expensive treatment, are time-consuming, and are very difficult. In contrast, its prevention is more effective and affordable.

Your veterinarian will recommend the ideal anti-parasiticides for your furry friend. 


Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

The ideal diet to give pets has always been a dilemma for many people. Different veterinarians can advise with varying opinions. However, a wellness exam is the best place to discuss with your vet the ideal diet to keep your pet healthy.

Generally, veterinarians agree on how vital it is to feed your furry friend particular meals at different stages of their life. For example, a growth formula is ideal for puppies until they stop growing. There are also large breed growth formulas for giant breed puppies.


Dental Health

A pet wellness exam helps ensure oral health. Your pet can develop dental diseases early on in their life. Your furry friend can experience systemic diseases, oral infections, and pain if left untreated. 

A wellness visit will help you learn to care for oral health. You can schedule professional dental cleanings according to the recommendation of your veterinarian.



Wellness exams entail various preventative measures to ensure pet safety and health. Your vet will help ward off ailments through vaccinations. Vaccines help prevent the most dangerous and fatal diseases that affect pets.

Your veterinarian can advise the suitable vaccines for your pet during the wellness exam. There will be core vaccines like rabies and distemper vaccines for dogs and rabies and upper respiratory combinations meant for cats. Your vet will recommend other vaccines depending on the region and lifestyle. For example, if your pet frequents parks and lives a very social life, an influenza vaccine may be necessary. 


Build a Relationship With the Vet

Every pet owner thrives when they get a reliable and efficient vet to treat their pet. Your dog or cat will be more relaxed when handled by a professional they know and feel safe around. Wellness exams help with the development of a good relationship with your vet. Regular visits help your furry friend know that the vet means no harm and is a friend.


Safety and Promotion of Health

A pet wellness exam entails the vet checking various health conditions in your pet. If the exam reveals evidence of ailments, your veterinarian can recommend suitable treatment to help your pet recover.

For more about pet wellness exams, visit Vistancia Animal Hospital at our office in Peoria, Arizona. Call (623) 888-8108 to book an appointment today.

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