How Spa Treatments Help Pets Stay Calm and Comfortable in Summer

Exploring the outdoors with your furry friend in summer creates cherished moments of shared joy and playful escapades. However, the heat and hot weather can sometimes leave our pets feeling rather uncomfortable. This can trigger stress and the onset of skin problems. Spa treatments can help comfort and calm your pet this summer. Here are the details on how these treatments can make a difference.



Professional Brushing


Regular brushing during the summer can help loosen debris. It can also help disperse heat. On some days, you can bring your pet to your trusted groomer. The trip will be a treat because you know that your pet will not be having an ordinary brushing experience. Your provider will have many types of brushes and combs that will suit your pet’s coat.


Matted fur can store moisture on your dog’s skin. This moisture can lead to many types of skin infections. Brushing can remove matted fur. The strokes will cool your pet down as well. Professional brushing will also allow your groomer to check for rashes or cuts. Your pet will be more comfortable by the time you leave the pet spa.



Check for Pet Parasites


A professional spa treatment can keep your dog’s coat parasite-free. Some pet spas can even perform a heartworm test. Your provider can search for ticks and fleas as well. Parasite treatments in the form of shampoos and sprays are available at the pet spa. These products are effective enough to make your pet parasite-free by the time the treatments are over.



A Thorough Pampering Bath


Your pet will experience a deep cleansing bath at the spa. This will be a refreshing treat for your pet during the hot months. Your groomer may use soothing shampoos and conditioners. Peppermint can leave your pet’s skin cool, which can leave your pet comfortable and calm after the spa session.



Other Treatments


At the pet spa, an experienced groomer will gently trim your pet's nails, ensuring their comfort and safety. Additionally, a groomer may also perform external anal gland expression to push any fluid out.


Spa treatments can help comfort and calm your pet during the hot summer months. At Vistancia Animal Hospital, we provide high-quality vet care and grooming services for every pet. You can visit our facility in Peoria, Arizona, for an in-person consultation. Please call 623-888-8108 to set an appointment or ask about our pet spa treatment packages.

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