Dental Care

At Vistancia Animal Hospital we perform the highest quality anesthesia safety with complete oral health evaluations and treatment. Prior to performing any anesthetic procedure, all patients will undergo a pre-anesthetic evaluation which includes a preoperative blood profile and physical examination. All pre-existing medical conditions are addressed and an individual anesthetic protocol for each patient is created for patient safety.

While under general anesthesia we clean, scale and polish their teeth, and evaluate the overall health of their mouth. This includes probing all teeth so that we can evaluate and address any periodontal disease. We also perform full mouth radiographs to evaluate all tooth root structures. Your pet is on continuous monitoring systems including ECG, SPO2, CO2, Blood Pressure, and temperature while under anesthesia, and all patients are intubated to fully protect their airways. We utilize warming blankets to maintain body temperature during all procedures. If we find any additional concerns that need to be addressed, we will contact you to provide you with options for treatment. We do everything to save and repair any teeth that may cause concern. Often times treating with local antibiotics packed into periodontal pockets can prevent extraction. Our goal is to perform a complete oral health evaluation in the safest, and most pain-free way possible.

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