Let us help you establish a wellness plan for your new family member! For your convenience, we offer packages that include your pet's preventive care from adoption to one year of age! Our plans include examinations with each vaccination, as well as your first intestinal parasite screen. (Please bring a fresh stool sample from home at your first check-up). We will include permanent identification from HomeAgain microchipping - complete with registration for your convenience. For the life of your pet, it is important to administer monthly heartworm prevention. Let us provide the first two months!

Call the office to start your wellness plan today! It is our privilege to grow with you and your pets, and provide the best preventive care available!

​​​​​​​Allow us to review your dog's and cat's previous history during your first time visiting us so that we may keep your pets updated on all vaccinations. Feel free to email, fax, or bring in their previous history. We will do the rest, and set reminders for those hard-to-remember dates!

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