Surgery Details

Our state-of-the-art surgery suite allows for us to care for your pet on the highest level. All of our anesthetic patients receive an IV catheter to administer intravenous fluids during surgery and ensure we always have open access to a vein in the event that there is an anesthetic emergency. We utilize multi-parameter monitors, blankets to regulate body temperature, and intubation to protect the airway during all general anesthesia procedures. We provide individual assessments and protocols for each pet after physical examination, and pre-surgical blood work to evaluate your pet's internal health. Blood work can be done prior to surgery by utilizing our outside laboratory, or in-house on the day of surgery.

​​​​​​​Let us provide surgical services as a part of overall care for your pet. All aspects of soft tissue surgery, as well as spays and neuters, are performed at Vistancia Animal Hospital. Please call with any questions, and to set your appointment today!

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