Jennifer Depew

Jennifer Depew, DVM


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Hello, I am Dr. Jennifer Depew! I am a Phoenix, Arizona native who grew up only 10 minutes from this community and hospital. My love of animals began at a very early age caring for injured desert wildlife, and from there has led me on an amazing adventure through the world of veterinary medicine. I graduated from Arizona State University with my undergraduate degree in animal behavior and physiology. Then I obtained my veterinary degree from Midwestern University. My passion for veterinary medicine is the bond between people and their pets and providing the best care and medicine to keep our furry family members healthy and happy.

When I am away from my work home, I am with my family enjoying a good Kung Fu movie and teaching my twin toddlers how to stay out of trouble (or vice versa). We have two dogs (Turkey and Hilde), a rotund kitty (Luna), an ancient ball python, and many tropical fish!​​​​​​​

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